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I'm Chinga (MNCPS accred, MBACP, Dip. Couns.) a Counsellor offering Online and In Person sessions in Fleet.

If something doesn’t feel right, Counselling can help.  It may be difficult for you to ask for help and this could be your first time taking this important step. 

Perhaps you were nursing the idea of coming to Counselling for a while until now. 

You could even have had Counselling before. Either way it’s a big step toward a different way of handling circumstances.

It’s likely that the timing is now right to explore long term issues, or perhaps you have been stuck in uncertainty and you wish to find a way to move forward. It could be that you are questioning if you need to change some things in your relationships. Or something new has cropped up and you could use a safe professional space to interpret things.

I imagine you are here because you feel ready to figure out some situations. Maybe a loved one in your life encouraged you to reach out because they want what’s best for you. Thank you for being here. 

The Only Way To Get Ahead Is To Get Started

Mark Twain

Why Counselling?

Whether you want to feel better about specific areas in your life, deepen your relationships with the people who matter most, Counselling can help you to create the future you want. If things don’t seem to be improving and you are in discontent with relationships with those in your life, it may be time to try a new way of approaching things. On the other hand, you may feel ambivalent and not quite plugged into your own life for an extended period of time. Counselling is a non judgemental place where you can make sense of things. Get in touch to learn more.

What to expect?

My goal is to establish a relationship in which we can explore whatever comes up and to support you to develop a firmer grounding to handle what life throws at you in a self affirming way.  Together we will work to find out what is getting in the way of a happier fulfilled life. 

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